Future with hydrogen

In the future, hydrogen will play a major role in the conversion of our energy supply. As a storage medium for ecological electricity and for mobility with fuel cell drives. When hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen using regeneratively generated electricity. In a chemical process, the hydrogen reacts with oxygen. The energy stored in the hydrogen is released as electricity, which then drives an electric motor. 

Screw connections in the line system, our brand: H2-Lok


Our fittings for your hydrogen applications


The Twin Ferrule Fittings are ideal for hydrogen applications as well as for gas applications. They are DNV·GL and TA-Luft certified, with EC79 certification expected in May 2022.

The fittings are produced in our own European factories. Sensitive components, such as the clamping and wedge rings, are manufactured in the factory in Germany.

Basically, the u2-Lok screw connection consists of 4 components or individual parts: The media-carrying base body (straight socket, elbow, T-piece or cross piece), the union nut and the two rings, also known as clamping and wedge rings.


DNV·GL and TA-Luft certified. Other international certifications on request. The screw connections are used wherever gases and liquid media flow and where a high safety standard is required. 


Technical Data

Sizes: metric and imperial dimensions

Material: AISI 316L

Medium: for liquid media and gases

Pressure: up to 700 bar can be achieved