Hose Technology: Hose Fittings, Swage Sleeves and Hoses

Hose assemblies are used wherever flexible connections are needed. Pressure, temperature and medium are considered for hose assemblies. This can be the case, for example, in confined spaces to compensate for vibration or, naturally, in moving applications. They work well for both fluid and pneumatic applications. 

Our product manager explains how it works, the advantages of the different variants and the areas of application. With the help of 3D animations, the technical side is also clearly shown, such as the correct pressing of hoses.

A standard hose assembly always consists of a hose, the connection fitting and a suitable crimp fitting that connects the two components together.  

When selecting the components, it is important to take into account all chemical, thermal and mechanical requirements for the later area of application, since they can otherwise negatively affect the service life and mode of operation of the hose assembly. 

In addition to the choice of the appropriate fitting, the selection of the right hose also plays a decisive role. Along with standard hose fittings, we focus primarily on PTFE and stainless steel corrugated hoses.