HPLC Fittings

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

With the high performance liquid chromatography, it is possible to chromatographically separate substances in solution into their individual components and to determine them precisely using a detector. The high-performance liquid chromatography is used in examination, research and industrial laboratories.

Our Qualification

  • The HPLC columns and components from Schwer Fittings are characterized by a high level of quality.
  • Each HPLC component is manufactured exactly according to customer requirements.
  • All products around the HPLC column are also available in all materials commonly used in this field.
  • Not only custom made HPLC products are available at Schwer Fittings, but also a wide range of standard fittings of the Schwer brand.

Special Features

Highest Standard of Production

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of stainless steel connection technology with Schwer fittings!

100% Traceability

Schwer Fittings marks a laser batch number on every item that is in contact with the medium. This number provides a lot of information. Even after years, it is possible to identify the item, match all mechanical tests to the original material and guarantee to supply a 3.1 certificate for exactly the right item.

Pressure Testing

The Testing and Research Department at Schwer Fittings represents another milestone in quality assurance and product enhancement. The test unit uses computerised testing programs to run static and ­dynamic tests up to 4000 bar, whilst creating reports.


  • Management System
  • Type Examination Certificate
  • Environmental Certification
  • International Certification
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