Technical Changes, Adjustments

We reserve the right to amend specifications on the basis of technical improvement and development. The product images on the internet may differ from the items that are delivered. Design, dimension and price adjustments may be made without notice. Weight information without guarantee. Liability is not accepted for any errors. For special applications, please contact our Product Managers for suitable solutions. Copying or reproduction of all or part of this web site information is only permitted with the written consent of Schwer Fittings GmbH.

Deviation from the standard

In principal all our fittings are according the given standards. As construction and dimensions are subject to change, there might be differences to the standards. There are amendments in the dimensions if we see a technical advantage or a need for manufacturing procedures. If you need pieces that are exactly according the standard, we kindly ask you to contact our product management.

For Your Safety

Pipe fittings may have to sustain high pressure surges and vibrations. Product integrity can only be achieved by the use of sf original components and by following sf assembly instructions. Failure to observe these assembly instructions may adversely affect operational safety and may invalidate product guarantees.


The actual permissible Nominal Pressure (PN) is given in the table for every product. It is shown in bar and is based on the pressure for water under static load. Under standard operating conditions (static) and temperature (20°C), the ­operating pressure (PB) and the given Nominal Pressure (PN) can be taken as the same (see DIN 2401, Part 1). For increased temperatures, the operating pressure should be reduced ­according to the table below, and the the PN selected accordingly.

Pressure Reduction Table

Temperature Range Pressure Reduction

-60°C – 20°C 0,0 %
50°C 4,5 %
100°C 11,0 %
150°C 16,0 %
200°C 20,0 %
250°C 24,0 %
300°C 29,0 %
350°C 31,0 %
400°C 33,0 %

It should be noted that DIN 17 440 Tab. 6 recommends a maximum ­temperature of 400°C for AISI 316Ti.

Combinations of different fittings

For combinations of different fittings as well as different seal materials within a system, the lowest actual pressure and temperature range for a fitting determines that of the complete system.

Correct Assembly

In order to achieve the stated pressures in this catalogue it is essential that the assembly is carried out correctly and professionally. Please follow the assembly instructions given. It is especially important to ensure that the ­fittings are not placed under load or stress.

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